Helping you shaping the experience of your home...

At Form & Function we use a refined sense of style to create clean, modern, and sophisticated spaces for our clients. Varied textures and aesthetics create a whimsical appeal throughout our designs breathing life into dull spaces. Our mission is to make high design more approachable. 

 If I had to use five words to describe my interior design aesthetic they would be: refreshing, restorative, airy, tranquil, and energizing. I love interior design because it has the potential to transform your experience in your home. 

My personal style is defined by clean, modern, sophisticated design that is easy to live with; kids and pets are always welcome! One of the benefits of working with so many different clients is being able to work with, and be exposed to, a variety of styles. 

I love to  marry rustic and modern elements! My favorite trick for making a space work is’s the key; too much rustic furniture can quickly turn country, and too much modern can quickly feel cold. Balancing both styles creates a space that feels visually interesting, modern, and comfortable. Balancing styles doesn't mean you have to use an even split. Sometimes our clients have a preference for modern over rustic, or vice versa. If this is the case, we simply use one of the styles as an accent. Call us to schedule an appointment today!